MCPE 1.0.5 What's New?

Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s MCPE 1.0.5 beta is out now. (for Android).

MCPE - Update Changelog For Minecraft PE 0.15.7

Here's the changelog for the upcoming MCPE 0.15.7 update.

New Features:

 * Natural texture pack now available!


 * Added localization for the Natural texture pack.
 * Improved some text rendering, spacing and button sizes to accommodate above mentioned localization.
 * Updated size and positions for logo and text for better comfort in Rift. (Win 10 only)

Bug Fixes: 

 * Fixed Rift mode crashing on launch in some circumstances. (Win 10 only)
 * Rowing a boat now works with keyboard in full immersive mode in Rift. (Win 10 only)
 * You can now buy & extend realms when playing on Win 10 in Rift mode.
 * Mouse gets correctly captured when you put the Rift headset back on after taking it off. (Win 10 only)
 * Fixed a crash when a player entered or created any world.
 * Fixed a crash for some players who weren’t signed into Xbox Live.
 * Fixed some issues with Rift mirror textures for distant water & trees. (Win 10 only)
 * The game no longer occasionally crashes when it is closed. Several fixes regarding removing the
 * Rift headset. (Win 10 only)
 * Pause screen fixed for trial mode. (Win 10 only)
 * Virtual living room no longer affected by the player falling in the game in Rift. (Win 10 only)
 * No more black shadow boxes appearing when jumping near hanging blocks in immersive mode on the Rift. (Win 10 only)
 * Gaze cursor now re-centers correctly when looking up or down while dead in Rift. (Win 10 only)
 * Fixed textures for non-enchanted potions.

MCPE - Minecraft PE 0.15.0 Beta Build 2 Released + Changelog

Update changelog for MCPE 0.15 beta build 2.


 * Players no longer spawning in tree leaves.
 * Restored GUI scale options.
 * Tweaked grass path texture.
 * Tweaked rose & peony textures.
 * Fixed enchantment table UI close button.

Bug Fixes:

 * Fixed some crashes happening in specific situations.
 * Walking past buttons no longer trigger suffocation overlay.
 * Existing dye color not overwritten when mixing colors in a cauldron.
 * Torches and redstone torches fixed so they don't drop when a block is placed or removed by it.      
 * Restrict hosting or joining games while on your mobile network (instead of being limited to wifi) to prevent huge bills on metered networks.
 * Riders no longer riding in circles if horse has been idle for a while.
 * Fixed skeleton jockeys in multiplayer.
 * Fixes to feed button & feeding animals on touch devices.
 * Bug fixes for sticky pistons You can chat while sleeping in a bed again!
 * Fixed graphics glitches while riding a horse.